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“Mermaids & Pirates” The Beach Filled Single From Taylor Goyette

Need a dose of sun, rum and good times? “Mermaids & Pirates” is exactly what the doctors recommend here at Southern Fellow. We live in crazy times and it’s almost impossible to escape the reality of our situation, but Taylor Goyette has just released a new single that will send you on a vacation 3 minutes and 16 seconds at a time.

“Mermaids & Pirates” instantly puts you on a sandy shoreline with a drink in your hand. It’s a whole lot of country with a dash reggae blended into a party. There is so much to love. The only thing I would have liked to have seen Taylor add is a steel drum or two.

This is a summer jam that needs to be on your beach party playlist. Can’t go to the beach? Don’t worry. Taylor Goyette is going to bring the beach to you. You can find “Mermaids and Pirates” on your favorite music service. You don’t need a treasure map though. All the links you need are below.

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during these hard times. If you are feeling lost, alone or both please reach out to me personally on Instagram @southernfellow_. We can get through this together!

Taylor Goyette "Mermaids & Pirates"

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