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One on one with Lena Stone

The country music scene has seen it’s changes over history.  Today’s country music has been updated to fit a new generation of music lovers.  Country music is holding on to it’s roots, but closing in on the divide between bluegrass, western swing and popular music. As someone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, this transition has been a little less drastic, as compared to previous generations. There are some changes I could do without, but there is one thing that I have come to look forward to.

In the 90’s there was a surge of female singer/songwriters rising in the rock and pop music culture.  One of my favorite of these women was Jewel Kilcher. As a man I can’t say that I relate to every lyric of a female artist, but these women were creating music and lyrics that were raw. The lyrics were powerful, direct and people took notice around the world.  This is where Lena Stone and the new women of country music are today.

Country music is starting to open up from a male dominated genre to a female driven genre. It has not been easy. Ladies like Dolly PartonLoretta Lynn and others help pave the way. However, todays ladies of country music are pouring gasoline on the fire. Lena Stone is one of those bringing the heat to country music.

Lena Stone moved from Carlisle, Massachusetts to Nashville only at the age of 18. She was a staff writer for Song Factory Publishing and became part of Song Suffragettes which host female songwriters like Lena. As a songwriter, Lena Stone gained early success by writing songs for other artist. Fast forward to today and Lena Stone just put out her first EP with some great songs such as “Nervous” and “Running Out of Red Lights”.

Lena Stone’s lyrics embody the power of the new female singer/songwriter in country music. She is reigniting the lyric driven music that has been paramount since the beginning. Her new EP backs these statements up on every song. Lena’s lyrics are playful and energetic. Lena Stone represents the next generation in country music.

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Connect with Lena Stone

We spent some time with Lena on social media. Lena was kind enough to step away from her busy schedule and give us an  interview. Lena Stone is someone you will want to meet. She is humble and kind by any definition. Lena is slightly selective when it comes to food, but we loved that she challenged us. It has been fun every step of the way. She was even kind enough to hand over an autographed album for a lucky reader. Now onto the interview. Let’s see what the beautiful Lena Stone has to say. 

What gave you the courage to move to Nashville and advance your songwriting?

I knew that if I really wanted to pursue a career in music I needed to move away from my hometown and find a place where I could meet other singers, songwriters, and music industry executives, and Nashville is the city to be in for country music. So when I turned 18 and graduated high school, I made the big move!

I have noticed your music getting more polished as you move forward. What advice would you give your past self?

Patience is such a part of the process and I would definitely go back and tell myself to be ok with every step of the way and understand that you have to write some bad songs before you get to the good ones.

It’s late. You have been writing for hours and you are hungry. As you go to the kitchen what do you grab?

String cheese! Or dark chocolate. Or both!

What is your biggest fear?

Getting so caught up in looking forward and chasing my dreams that I forget to enjoy the present.

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow. When writing music what recipe do you use?

My songwriting recipe usually starts with a lyric idea or a title, and then I start experimenting with chords and melodies and verses that best get the point across. By the end, it’s all about fine-tuning the ingredients so everything is cohesive!

If I gave you $5 to spend at a local Dollar Store, what would you buy?

Mason jars, lip gloss, and something pink!

What is your first fond memory of food?

My grandma makes this incredible macaroni casserole that is basically homemade mac & cheese crusted with breadcrumbs in the oven…it’s even more incredible than it sounds.

If Southern Fellow could develop a recipe for you, what would it be?

Anything gluten-free and vegetarian! I love my plant-based diet and experimenting with new types of vegetables and grains!

If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about?


Tell us about your new EP “Princess”.

All of the singles I’ve released over the past year have built up to this moment!  I’m so proud of this collection of songs, and especially “Princess.”  I feel like I was really able to build on the foundation of my self-titled debut EP to show off a more grown-up, confident version of myself, and I’m so grateful to Dave Pittenger (my producer) for being my creative partner-in-crime on this project!

What does the next year look like for Lena Stone?

Well at the moment the world is a pretty crazy place so most of my plans for shows have been postponed, but I’m hoping to be able to reschedule them sooner rather than later!  In the meantime I’m looking forward to getting back into the writing room and the studio this summer and working on even more new music.  Tell us about your new EP “Princess”.

I am so proud of this EP.  It’s my sophomore follow-up to my self-titled debut EP, and I’m really excited about the growth I was able to show between the last project and this one.  I think my core message of confidence is still at the heart of everything I do, but I was able to show off a more mature, grown-up side of myself on this EP with songs like “Hotel” and “Out Of My Hands” and I’m so excited to share that with my fans.

Is there anything else you want your fans at Southern Fellow to know?

Stay tuned for the “Princess” music video coming later this spring, it’s my favorite music video I’ve done so far!  It’s girly and over-the-top, but also has some really fun behind-the-scenes shots that are super cool.

That is Lena Stone.  It is an honor to know Lena as a person and to be part of her musical journey. Lena will always have a home here at Southern Fellow. On behalf of the family, we thank Lena Stone for the time she spent with us.  I know everyone wants to add Lena Stone’s EP to their playlist and you can do that on Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube and Google Music. You will also have the opportunity to win an autographed copy of her EP “Lena Stone” down below.

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