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We are so honored to have so much support from all of our readers and from country music industry for Feed the Band. We have so much music and recipes on the way. We are on our seventh entry in this series and the party is far from over. We have over 38 of the latest music artist lined up and many more recipes to share. We could not do this without you. Each one of you has had a role in turning this dream into a reality. We hope we can return the favor by inspiring you in the kitchen and by me personally, as a share my personal journey.

Our next artist is someone who is working hard at turning his dream to reality. For Keith Walker the journey as not always been easy. He has dealt with loss and has had few other curve balls thrown at him along the way. This, however has molded him and his song writing. His music often reflects the journey one takes, rather than the destination. His latest single “That Song” reflects on the the path to heartache and loss. His lyrics are powerful and his personal experiences shine through to every word.

Keith Walker took time out of his busy schedule to do a little interview with us. We want to thank Keith Walker for his time and welcome him to the Southern Fellow. We are glad to have him. Now let’s get to the interview and stay tuned to the end. We will be giving away a couple autographed albums from Keith Walker.


What gave you the courage to move to Nashville and advance your songwriting?

I honestly didn’t feel like I had a choice.  It was either pursue my passion or find something else to do with my life.  I didn’t think I was suited for much else so I packed my things, bought an $800 car, kissed my mom goodbye and set on out.

I have notice your music getting more polished as you move forward. What advice would you give your past self?

Be yourself.  If you try to emulate another artist, you’ll land flat.  Give the world something they don’t have and you’ll find your way.

It’s late. You have been writing for hours and you are hungry. As you go to the kitchen what do you grab?

Well I can’t say that I’m much of a cook but a little homemade quesadilla always hits the spot.

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What is your biggest fear?

Losing someone and never getting to say goodbye…but that’s a little heavy so let’s go with spiders.

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow. When writing music what recipe do you use?

I often write melodies first and then find an idea that fits that melody later. Once I get an idea that fits, then I marry the two. I think every melody has its own personality and so does every hook. If you can find two that match, that’s where the magic happens.

If I gave you $5 to spend at a local Dollar Store, what would you buy?

Sunscreen and a pair of cheap sunglasses because it just became lake day!

What is your first fond memory of food?

A fried bologna sandwich. My brother made one for me and it was all I asked for a long time. Now that I think about it, I haven’t had one in a while, which is quite a shame.

If Southern Fellow could develop a recipe for you, what would it be?

A gourmet fried bologna sandwich…that’s all I can think about now!

If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about?

I did write one once called “The Christmas Ten”. It was a song about the weight everyone gains around Christmas. Been a while since I sang that one.

Try this inspired recipe

Fried Chicken with Peach-Apricot Sauce

This is the crispiest fried chicken you will ever put in your mouth. We added a sweet and spicy sauce with a little flame. The fire is a nod to Keith Walker's Upcoming video!

What does the next year look like for Keith Walker?

I’ve got a ton of songs I want to record for a new EP.  It’s been about a year since I’ve released a package of songs and I’ve got the itch!

Tell us about your new song “That Song”.

Everyone has a song that reminds them of an old relationship they’d rather not think of.  As soon as they do hear it, all the pain comes flooding back as if the song was a time capsule.  That’s what my co-writers and I were trying to get across when we wrote it. We sat around talking about old songs that still feel like daggers and it just popped out from there.

I heard that your new music video has you burning a guitar… what made you want to do that? When will it be coming out?

To me that visual tells the story more than anything else I could think of.  Even if you had the TV on mute, I want someone to see the guitar on fire and say, “what?  Why the…?” If I can get to that place, I will have done my job! The video will be released in just a few weeks so I’d tell fans to be on the lookout on my socials to see when it’s out!

Is there anything else you want your fans at Southern Fellow to know?

Just that I appreciate all you do!  As a musician, I’m always looking for my next meal ha!

That is our questions answered. It is an honor to have Keith join our Southern Fellow Family. We have really enjoyed this interview and now it’s time to update your playlist. You can find Keith Walker’s music  on all your favorite streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon and Google Play. Keith Walker is definitely one of the guys you need to be listening too.

Thank you for tuning in here at Feed the Band. The giveaway is at the bottom for an autographed copy of Keith’s EP. We have a plethora of artist joining the family here at Southern Fellow. Please check out all of the family by clicking here and stay tuned for more from Feed the Band.

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