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Kaitlyn Baker

I can not tell each of you thank you enough. I am grateful to have you as part of the Southern Fellow family. I have not walked on this music and culinary path alone. We have always done it as a family.  Our next artist on Feed the Band has felt like family since our very first conversation.

Kaitlyn Baker is a multifaceted country music artist that sang her way through the hills of Virginia and landed in Nashville. Some people lose their connection to home in the pursuit of bright lights, but Kaitlyn will always be a small town girl at her core. Small towns were a big part of our conversation and is reflected passionately throughout her music with that sweet, twangy voice of hers.

I have had many conversations with so many artists during the past year. None of which I have felt such a feeling of home than with Kaitlyn Baker. At times, it felt she was going to call me out on some small town craziness that happened when we were kids. We shared many stories together that are truly the roots of real southern life. There were many good stories, but a couple topics really pulled at both of our heartstrings.

Kaitlyn and I both have had very close friends lose their lives in accidents caused by drunk drivers.  She turned her pain into action by supporting Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and wrote “Blackbird” in honor of her bandmate. Loss quickly turned to love when her song “I Will” came to the conversation. This gem in my opinion is one of the best country love songs in the past decade. It reflects love in so many directions. For me, it reflected the love my parents have for each other. It could reflect love for you in so many other ways. Kaitlyn Baker made magic with “I Will”. Kaitlyn Baker is what a country artist should be. She is more than another pretty face in the world of music. She tells real stories about real people. Those stories easily reflect the lives of all who call Southern Fellow home.

We have an amazing recipe created just for Kaitlyn. Our Sweet and Sassy Chicken Sandwich is one for the record books. Also check out our giveaway at the bottom. Let’s get to the interview. Please meet the latest addition to the Southern Fellow, Ms. Kaitlyn Baker!

Tell us about your road to Nashville.

I started traveling back and forth to Nashville at an early age. I have super supportive parents and they would haul me around to all of my gigs and co-writes! Nashville is such an inspiring town. There is so much talent everywhere. I’m lucky I get to be apart of it all. 

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? 

I would definitely be a turquoise crayon because it’s my favorite color! 

If you could not play music, what do you think you would be doing?

As a kid I always wanted to be a vet but at this stage in my life, I am such a foodie… if I couldn’t do music, I would love to become a food critic! 

What is your biggest fear?

Ticks. Especially seed ticks. I hate them with a passion. 

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow; when writing music, what recipe do you use? 

Ah! I love this. Writing music is so cool. I love being in a writer’s room because I can pick other people’s brains. The fun thing about writing music is that there are really no rules so I just make up my own recipe as I go! 

What’s the most interesting thing about you that people may not know? 

I can yodel and I have my own hot sauce that is created by Pepper Palace. “Blackbird” hot sauce is distributed in over 133 grocery stores and growing!

Connect with Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Baker Southern Fellow 3

What is your first fond memory of food?

My mamaw’s Cooking 😍 hands down the best, nobody can top it! Her homemade potato salad is my favorite thing ever! 

If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about? 

Country cooking, of course! That is my favorite kind of food! 

What does the coming year look like for you? 

We have so many fun things in the works. This has been a super busy year for me. I am still on tour and plan on getting back in the studio very soon! NEW MUSIC 🙌🏻

Tell us a few of your favorite things about your hometown. 

I’m from a coal mining community. Population 800.  No red light. I love the peaceful environment here, the gorgeous mountains I grew up in, and the small town life has really molded me into the person I am today. You can check out my song, “Heart of Appalachia” and see all the beauty yourself!

We spoke about a few songs on your EP. There is a heart wrenching story behind the song “Blackbird”. Tell us about it. 

My guitarist who was also an incredible friend to me was hit by a drunk driver on New Year’s Eve. It was really hard for me to understand and process what had happened. I took some time off from music. I knew when I was ready I wanted to write a song that mirrored who Thomas was as a person. I co-wrote the song with my other guitar player (Aaron Lee) who was also very close with Thomas. We felt like it would be suitable to name the song and the EP, “Blackbird” because that was his nickname and also one of the very last things he gave to me was a drawing of a Blackbird. This song has given me the opportunity to openly talk about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Try this inspired recipe!

If you found a $100 winning lottery ticket what would you buy? 

Another lottery ticket! Totally Kidding 😂 in all seriousness I would probably be going out to a super nice dinner! 

What advice would you give your past self? 

Believe and have faith in yourself. Love yourself and all your imperfections. God made you exactly the way he intended. 

Is there anything else you want your family at Southern Fellow to know? 

You can find all of my tour dates at http://www.KaitlynBaker.com and all of my music is available on all music platforms!

Kaitlyn is one of the best people you will ever meet. Please reach out to her on your social or at a show and welcome her to the Southern Fellow family. She will love that. It’s fall! That playlist really needs some new music. We have you covered. You can find Kaitlyn Baker on all of your favorite music platforms including SpotifyApple MusicAmazon and YouTube Music. Please give that delicious Sweet and Sassy Southern Chicken Sandwich recipe a try and enter our giveaway. Thank you for tuning in here at Feed the Band on Southern Fellow. We have some more great music and delicious recipes on the way.

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