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Natalie Goodman Latest Single Gets Real with “I Did it to Myself”

Some people like to balk at the idea of Southern Fellow as a family. It’s the truth, though. We all have worked to build each other up and be that safe place to land when things fall apart. Reflecting on this the other day reminded me of the first time I met Natalie Goodman. She showed up to play at our New Queens of Country Showcase, shaking like a leaf. Her nerves were about to get the best of her. But, to my surprise, she held herself together and was a natural star on stage. Over the past few years, we have both pushed each other to be better. I am happy to say that it paid off. Natalie’s latest single, “I Did it to Myself,” not only proves that she’s ready for the spotlight, but that she also deserves to be there.

If there is one thing that Natalie Goodman knows I struggle with, it is songs that highlight people not being able to remove themself from a bad relationship. I’m not saying that it’s a subject no one want’s to hear. This topic is prevalent in many popular songs, and Natalie has covered it extensively. It’s just not for me. “I Did it to Myself” gives me hope that Natalie might be growing and willing to step outside her comfort zone, even if it’s just for a song or two.

I’ve known Natalie for about 3 years now. We are pretty close. Being so, I can dig a little deeper when it comes to her music. She is a remarkable woman. She’s brilliant, athletic, funny, and has a smile that always makes the world feel a little brighter. Most people would bet everything if she were a hand during a poker game. Yet, Natalie comes up short when it comes to relationships. This may sound strange, but her hunt for the perfect man is similar to the food industry’s search for the ideal hog.

Years ago, people started thinking healthy. Instead of breaking our love affair with pork, we made pigs lean. We chased something that we thought we wanted. Fast forward to today, and the culinary world has realized the error in its ways. We were chasing something that already existed. Chicken is what we were searching for all along. I do not doubt that Natalie has kissed a few pigs, but I think she realizes now that she was trying to make those boys into something they were not meant to be. Natalie, by no means, is alone. I think “I Did it to Myself” is an anthem for everyone who has been in a similar situation.

"I Did it to Myself" Natalie Goodman


know I’m going to get into trouble for comparing Natalie’s love life to the pork industry, but I’m an agriculturalist and am pulling from what I know! At least I can say “I Did it to Myself” is one of my favorite tunes Natalie has released. I highly recommend you add it to your playlist. All the links you need are below. While you are listening, learn more about Natalie Goodman by reading her full interview on Feed the Band. If you still have pork on your mind after reading this, try out the gumbo recipe she inspired. It is one of our most popular recipes to date!

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more recipes, music, and concerts on the way!

"I Did it to Myself" Natalie Goodman

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