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Taqueria Jalisciense Baes

Taqueria Jalisciense Baes

Mexican Restaurant

Deltona, FL

    This is definitely not Don Pablos!  I mean that in a good way. Here we seem to dilute ethnic foods until they are almost unrecognizable to the culture that created them.  Before you get mad, we are not the only country who  does this. Every country adapts food to their taste. However, unadulterated food can transport you to a different place or time. Such is this taqueria, which translates to a place that serve tacos.

    Taqueria Jalisciense Baes is a place that can transport you to a Mexican street bustling with shops and people going about their day.  I am not talking about some tourist trap, but Mexico in real life.  It is tucked in a Winn-Dixie plaza and is hard to see from the road. However, it would be ill advised to the let that stop you from checking this place out.  Once you walk through the doors you a greeted with brightly painted walls with Mexican window scenes.  There are wooded parrots hanging over the counter. The kitchen was a little in disarray, but clean. These are all keys for a fantastic taco place.

    I was greeted by a young Puerto Rican girl, which was a surprise, but she was very nice and attentive. As always, I took way too long to look at the menu. She was patient with me and answered my questions with a smile. I ordered some tacos and a coke. I sat at a table and before I knew it my tacos were in front of me.

    I ordered a beef sope with chorizo, seasoned pork and chicken supreme taco.  This is very traditional fare. The flavor was on point and as always the chorizo taco was my favorite.  One of the best things about these taco places, is that you get to try a variety. The produce was fresh and the meat flavorful.  I highly recommend you to stop by and try all the tacos. They have some specialty menu items on the weekend. I look forward to going back and partaking in those special dishes.

    To finish my meal, I visited a freezer case filled with fresh fruit popsicles. I chose the mango and pepper.  This was a love, hate relationship.  This popsicle did not meet it’s full potential. I will also say this was not made in the restaurant.  It was not bad, but it was not grand.  Coming soon I will be making a recipe that will make this concept into something worthy of these tacos. 

    This was a good find and if you find yourself craving tacos in the Deltona area, look for 

Taqueria Jalisciense Baes

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