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Palate Coffee Brewery

“Coffee with a purpose” is the phrase I would use to describe Palate Coffee Brewery in Sanford, FL. I was actually on my way to see another restaurant when a realized I had some time to kill before it opened. So I decided to go on a search for a coffee shop where I could get a cup of joe and make plans for Southern Fellow’s world domination.  Well, I discovered we are from that goal, so I decided to work on the website. I spent some time walking up and down First Street not really finding a place that fitted my needs I then went a block over to Second Street.  As soon as I turned the corner there was my little coffee shop.  As soon as I stepped to the front door I met Robert who was outside cleaning windows with a smile on his face.  This struck me as a little odd because I can’t recall any one time where I gazed upon someone cleaning windows with a smile. Robert kindly open the door to let me in.

Once I walked inside i was greeted with a cozy atmosphere. It actually had a modern country vibe and less pretentious than Starbucks. There was a bar that was straight ahead and to the left were tables, nice couches that all ended at a small stage. It felt warm and cozy like being at home.  I can not think of too many times where I have felt that way in a business. 

Palate Coffee Brewery

As I walked up to the bar I was greeted by Devon. He was a sharp dressed man sipping on an espresso. He asked me what I wanted to drink and like always, it took some time for me to decide.  So I decided on some house blend coffee and sat at the bar to start work on the website. As soon as I started to get focused in, Devon started to connect with me.  As with everyone with electronics these days, it took me some time to be aware that I was not in the moment. After I came to this conclusion I quickly closed my laptop. We then started chatting and I started to realize that this place was not as it seemed. Everyone was happy. There were a line of customers ready to hand over their money with smiles on their faces. Rarely does this happen in the business world. Actually everyone’s happiness started to rub off on me. So I started to interview Devon.  I wanted to understand the magic that was happening in front of me. Then Devon revealed to me what it was.

Palate was not a normal coffee shop. Devon and Robert were not employees, but rather volunteers. Palate is part of Love Missions. All profits from this coffee shop go to battle against human trafficking and modern slavery. The create awareness, host safe houses in South America and provide help for women and children here.  100% of the profits from this coffee shop funds this endeavor.  This was the magic. Everyone lining up for coffee knew where there dollar was going. To top it all off, not only were they helping human rights, they were getting a really good cup of coffee. It was amazing.

Here at Southern Fellow it is an honor to support the good work at Palate Coffee Brewery.  We would like thank Devon and Robert for their hospitality.  If you want to learn more and support their efforts you can visit their website here. We hope all of our Southern Fellow family get to be part of the magic as we did.  If your in Sanford, FL the Palate Coffee Brewery is the place for great coffee and to leave the world a little bit better.

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