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“Uncommon Man” Dallas Remington Lays Out What A Man Should Be

Dallas Remington is pure country. Her new single “Uncommon Man” is proof that true country music is not dead. As someone who has worked cows before daylight and has handled thousands of hay bales in the hot Florida sun, I have often felt country music has forgotten about people like me. It’s getting harder to separate pop artists like Justin Bieber from their country counterparts. This has left people like me feel lost. So when a song like “Uncommon Man” gets released I pay attention.

Dallas Remington and I come from similar backgrounds. That said, it’s easy to conclude that she is going to write songs that I might like. “Uncommon Man” though, really hits the nail on the head for me, but I think everyone should give it a listen. A big portion of “Uncommon Man” sets guidelines for what a good man should be, but there is a theme woven into this song that’s for everyone. “Uncommon Man” is an anthem to being normal and being OK with that. 

People today want to look at your bank account and job title to judge who you are. If you have some sweat on your brow and a little dirt on your hands that means it is obvious that something went wrong in your life.  Those views change when we need something. Today in the pandemic we find ourselves labeling store clerks, meat packers, and delivery drivers as heroes. It brought to light that no matter what you do in life, it’s important. Be proud of what you do and strive to be best at it, that is what “Uncommon Man” is truly about.

This is a song worthy of your playlist. All the links you need are down below. After you add “Uncommon Man” to your playlist, head on over to our home page. Dallas Remington, Christie Huff, and Moriah Domby challenged me to a pasta cook-off. All the funds will go to feeding the homeless in Central Florida.

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during these hard times. If you are feeling lost, alone or both please reach out to me personally on Instagram @southernfellow_. We can get through this together!

Dallas Remington "Uncommon Man" Tractor

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