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Juju Rossi Celebrates Blue Collar People Everywhere with “Trash Can”

I have to be honest. It took me a while to warm up to JuJu Rossi. She has pretty much no filter, and her brashness is not going to be for everyone. But, if you can get past that, you’ll quickly figure out the JuJu is a remarkable person. She has persevered over some pretty big personal demons and is honest to a fault. Her new single “Trash Can” highlights one of my favorite qualities JuJu Rossi possesses. JuJu Rossi salutes the ordinary person that country music is slowly forgetting.

Country music has changed a lot since it’s beginnings. Most of the progression has been positive, but there are a few changes that I am in revolt over. Lack of good storytelling and computer-generated sounds are on that list, but the biggest thing for me is the neglect of the average Joe or Jane. This is why I feel songs like “Trash Can” are essential in continuing the tradition of country music.

I can confirm that JuJu Rossi is saying what we all think with “Trash Can” coming from the foodservice industry. Vacation is something rarely mentioned when you are working in a restaurant. No, we get asked how comfortable we feel with split shifts and are we willing to come in at the last minutes’ notice. When we plan for a break, we don’t have two weeks to fill. Most times, it’s only a few hours we get to let loose and forget the dozens of complaints about nothing and praying we will get enough tips to pay the babysitter.

“Trash Can” is one of the few songs I feel celebrates the working class this year, and JuJu Rossi is one in a handful of artists that seems to care about the used car drivin’, Walmart shoe wearin’, and gas station hotdog eatin’ people that dot this country. Juju Rossi gives a voice to the often forgotten with “Trash Can”. It is because of this that she will always have my respect as an artist and person.

"Trash Can" Official Music Video

highly recommend adding “Trash Can” to your playlist and follow JuJu Rossi wherever you stream your music. If you like this single, go ahead and add all of JuJu’s music. All the links you need are down below. Want to learn more about her? Check out her full interview on Feed the Band and try the recipe tasty recipe for Chicken Florentine she inspired. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette; we have more music and recipes on the way!

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