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“Thirsty” The Powerfully Honest New Single from Kirstie Kraus

I have been involved with music artists for a while now. To be honest, most times, music doesn’t even make it in our conversations. Our talks center around life, current events, and what the future holds. I consider myself lucky to peek behind the curtain and get to know the inner workings of some fantastic people. As soon as I heard “Thirsty,” the latest single from Kirstie Kraus, I felt like I missed something. I went to a park on the intercoastal I go to do most of my thinking to figure out what I had missed. Sitting on a park bench, with a fountain in front of me, my thirst to know the story behind the song grew stronger. So I had to call Kirstie and ask about the backstory of her new single.

It turns out “Thirsty” a personal story of love lost, but not from Kirstie’s perspective. It comes from her ex. I don’t want to open the flood gates on the love life of Kirstie Kraus, but for the sake of this single, I feel you all need to know that. After hearing the song, Kirstie connected to it herself and made it into her own. That’s not the end of the story. When Kirstie heard “Thirsty”, it was like a leaf hitting the water. The ripples are similar, but all a little different. This track rippled out into different directions, but still maintained it’s impact.

Kristie, like me, is a student of life. We like to look at people and relationships from every angle possible. “Thirsty” took on a life of it’s own in her mind, and she realized love is not always an endless fountain. Breakups, end of friendships, distance, even death can leave you thirsty. There are times you can’t return to those fountains that once gave you comfort and security no matter how much you want to. You have to go out of your comfort zone and start again. We are all thirsty for something. We might find a way to quench that thirst, or we may not. That is the human experience. 

Kirstie Kraus is a rising star in country music, and “Thirsty” deserves a spot on your favorite playlist. All the links you need are below. While you are there, learn more about Kirstie Kraus. You can check out her full interview on Feed the Band and try that quiche recipe she inspired.

"Thirsty" by Kirstie Kraus Music Video

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