Standing Ouside the Fire

This is the start of my journey towards the fire.

By Patrick L.

Standing outside the fire is something we all have attempted at some point in our life. It’s human nature. We look for comfort and not dare go where we every inch of us is challenged. I am no exception to this human experience. I myself have taken this approach to my fight with Bipolar Disorder. You can look at this website and find that this part blog, cooking show, store front, is just an culmination of things that run through my head on any given day. This will be my first time sharing with many of you my fight. With this first post I am leaving the comfort edge of the fire and diving right in. This journey I will share the world as I see it . You will travel with me on a culinary quest. I will share with you products that will enhance the way we go about this world. Join me as we put what we know to the flame.