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World Premiere of “Real Good Night” The New Music Video from Alyssa Marie Coon

"Real Good Night" Official Music Video from Alyssa Marie Coon

What is a real good night to you? When I raise this question, I think about one of my favorite TV shows, the Big Bang Theory. Sheldon likes to keep things structured, but the group ends up having a lengthy discussion on what to do. We can all relate to this scenario in many ways. I believe country artist Alyssa Marie Coon has a few great suggestions here at the video premiere for “Real Good Night”. It also highlights where Alyssa is in her life. This video also reminds us to relax and say yes to more opportunities.

The more I get to know Alyssa, the more I feel we are kindred spirits with a few years separating us. As a guy, I have to admit it’s not comfortable saying that, but the more I get to know Alyssa, I recognize her views of the world are not much different than mine at her age. I wish we all could look through those same eyes as an adult. I think the world would be a better place.

Alyssa Marie Coon is bright, self-aware, and puts her heart out there. She loves first, not for show, but because it is the right thing to do. This quality makes her appreciate her experiences and brave enough to seek out more. Alyssa simply wants to take full advantage of her life, and I think that’s a real good thing.

“Real Good Night” is not Alyssa’s story alone because I think many reading this will relate. We all need to relax and see where life can take us. This video celebrates you if you are already taking life’s opportunities or looking for an excuse to. It’s an anthem you and your friends can jam out to while creating incredible memories and living life to the fullest. It has even inspired me to take my friend up on guitar lessons, something I have been saying no to for a long time. We all should roll the windows down and let all the things that hold us back blow away.

I want to thank Alyssa Marie Coon for letting us premiere the music video for “Real Good Night”. After watching it, you will want to add it to your favorite playlist. We made it easy for you by adding your favorite streaming services below. Alyssa is new to the Southern Fellow family, but we love her all the same. We hope you enjoy the video!

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"Real Good Night" Alyssa Marie Coon Post Photo
"Real Good Night" Alyssa Marie Coon Post Cover

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