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“No Sweat” Laine Lonero Releases a Much Needed Breakup Song

We cover a lot of female artists here on Southern Fellow. It’s not by design, I personally will always be a George Strait junky. More often than not, they are more willing to put in the work. Laine Lonero is still in high school, yet her approach to music and life is inline with someone twice her age. Her latest single “No Sweat” is the perfect example of that.

If you are older than 25 like me, you might pass this young artist up. You might feel you have nothing to gain from a high school teen. That view would be wrong. “No Sweat” is a mature take on a breakup song. Yes it might have some youthful pops and snaps, but at it’s core the song has something for all ages.

For two years now, I have heard a plethora of breakup songs. They mostly have been of the “can’t get over you” variety. Laine Lonero and her latest single does not break a sweat telling guys no thanks. This take on breakups, is what I think both women and men of any age need to take to heart when it comes to bad relationships. If a bridge collapses, you don’t try to throw a few boards on it and try to drive back over it. You face the fact that you need to move on and find a new way.    At first, it was impossible for me to think that an all American teen from Louisiana could write a song like “No Sweat”, but it is safe to say Laine Lonero proved me wrong. 

“No Sweat” deserves a spot on your playlist and Laine is an artist you need to watch. You can get your digital hands on her latest single down below. While you are there you can check out the lyrical video for “No Sweat”.

"No Sweat" Laine Lonero

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"No Sweat" Video by Laine Lonero

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