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"Love My Mess" The Fun New Single From Steel Ivory

Let me put this out front. I am someone who prefers the honky-tonk sound of George Strait and Chris LeDoux. I grew up in the cowboy lifestyle and this music just relates to me. However, my current music journey as Southern Fellow has opened my eyes to what is happening to country music today. Women are lighting country music on fire. There were women like Dolly, Reba and Patsy who built fires when there was little light. They helped shine light on what was to come. However, country’s new batch of women are using those fires and lighting their own torches. Both past and present, these women are shining a pretty bright light on country music.

Steel Ivory has lite their own torch with their latest single “Love My Mess”. Kayleigh and Kristin are pretty new artist, but they are proving to be well on their way to leaving their mark on country music. “Love My Mess” all though written playfully, covers a serious topic in relationships. No matter the relationship you always have to take the good with the bad. I have been speaking with Kristen and Kayleigh for almost two months now. I am proud of them and happy that they are part of the Southern Fellow family. There is some great things coming from Steel Ivory and I guarantee you will be happy you were part of the ride.

“Love My Mess” represents Steel Ivory in a real way. They are serious about their music, but they make the journey so fun. Below I added some links so you can get their latest single. Please add it to your favorite playlist. Also let Steel Ivory know what town you want to see them in. Thank you for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time!

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