Livestock Show Essentials

As you young person I competed at all different levels for showing livestock. As part of Southern Fellow I decided to put together important essentials for show livestock including cattle, swine, lambs and goats. Here you will be able to find videos, books, grooming supplies, showing supplies and general things needed while you are at the show. I have teamed up with Amazon for some of the products featured. This allows me to bring products to you with a company known for it's customer service and it's Prime service. I do receive a small commission if you choose any of these products and it will be at no extra cost to you. In return it helps keep the lights on here at Southern Fellow. Let's get to what you need to be a fantastic showman in the ring.

Here are some videos I have found for new and experienced showmen. Every show is different so it important to use these as general information. Always ask your FFA Advisor or 4H leader for proper methods for your show.

Cattle Showmanship

Swine Showmanship

Sheep Showmanship

Tools of the Trade

Cattle Grooming

Sheep and Goat Grooming

Swine Essentials

Cattle Show Essentials

Everyday Essentials