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Kirstie Kraus

I admit it. I have a pretty cool job. I get to speak to some amazing people and talk shop about music and food. The funny thing is if you spoke with my family a couple of years back and told them what I would be doing today, they might have laughed at the idea. I have always been an introvert and being “Southern Fellow” has forced me to adjust. I have. By doing so, I have had the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of some extremely talented people. I am glad I could do just that with country artist Kirstie Kraus, the latest member to join the Southern Fellow family.

If you ever asked me to describe an artist I have featured in one word, I don’t know if I could do it. Today, however, I know I can. Heart, is the word that immediately comes to mind when I think about Kirstie. It applies to her music, but more importantly to every one of her relationships. 

Kirstie Kraus has a ton of heart to go around. When I reflect back to when we first started talking, I remember thinking she was just trying to butter me up for an interview. I waited a bit to see how long it would take the wind to leave her sails, but It never did. After some time, I realized her heart was in it. She wanted to learn about me, just as much as I wanted to learn about her. Still to this day we talk about twice a week. I am not the only one though. Kirstie Kraus makes it a point to connect with everyone she meets, especially her fans. On that note, let’s talk about her music.

If you are reading this, you are either a fan already or on the road to becoming one. I can tell you for a fact that Kirstie wants to connect with you and hear your story. Talking to Kirstie a few weeks back, she mentioned how much inspiration she pulls from fans and how it plays a big role in her music.  I have learned that her music does not go one way. It’s like breathing to Kirstie. She takes in your stories, combines them with her life experiences and then releasing them as songs. It works too! Her singles “Silver” and “What Love Does” is going to connect with many of you. This is all because Kirstie Kraus always has her heart in the right place.

Let’s move on to the interview. I hope you all get to know Kristie as well as I have. While you are learning more about this talented woman,  be on the lookout for our Southern Sunday Quiche recipe Kirstie inspired and the giveaway at the bottom.  Here is our interview with one of the biggest hearts in country music, Ms. Kirstie Kraus.

Tell us about your road to Nashville. 

The first time I visited Nashville I was eleven. We came to visit extended family and I got lucky and was able to meet Vince Gill, see and meet Sara Evans in concert, and sit down with Diamond Rio’s manager. As you can imagine I was hooked in! I began to start doing regular trips where I would come into town to write and perform when I was 15. Once I went full-time with my band in the Midwest, I planned our tour schedule around my trips to Nashville. I always knew I wanted to live here and I made a point to wait until I was 110% ready to put my entire being into it. I now have lived in Nashville for almost 3 years!

What do you feel are some important things you have learned in the music industry? 

The first thing that comes to mind is always to check your references. Second is to keep up and support your music family, these are the people you are going to grow with. 

Who are your top 3 influences and how did they shape you as an artist?

Top 3. Amy Grant, Gloria Estefan, and LeAnn Rimes. Amy and Gloria both taught me that music can be fun. Their melodies and writing styles are unique and because of that, they stood out to me. I can tell that their phrasing or melody choices are a heavy influence on my writing. LeAnn Rimes helped teach me how to sing. I memorized every single run and affliction she did growing up.  

What is the best way to start the day? 

I love to wake up and chug a water bottle and meditate! 

What fad or trend to hope comes back?

Because of this crazy year, I hope potlucks and Friendsgivings come back because I love getting people together to share a meal and all bringing a dish. 

Connect with Kirstie

Kirstie Kraus Country Artist

We are always developing recipes here at Southern Fellow. When writing music what recipe do you use?

Great question. I like the song to tell me what it wants to be. I go there and put myself in the feeling and start singing out loud words with a melody as I come up with each line. After 4-5 lines I usually have to go to my phone or computer to start writing it down. 

What is the best gift you have ever been given? 

There is a tie for the best gift ever! #1 My sister got her friend who is awesome at calligraphy to write out the lyrics to the first song we wrote together on a canvas. I bawled. #2 When I was 18 my best guy friend hand-made me a tiny book just like the Little Golden Books collection of our story and it was the cutest thing ever! No one has ever put that much effort into a present for me before!

What is your first fond memory of food? 

I remember sitting at the kitchen counter of our first house growing up and eating french toast sticks with my little sister. We would load up the syrup in the center of the bowl and cut up each stick into tiny pieces and put them on the edge of the bowl till we were ready to eat that piece. Man, I love breakfast food. 

What is your biggest fear?

I am afraid of my family’s health. Our health is the most important thing we have; without it, we can’t enjoy our lives.

If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about?

It would probably be about how I like to cook sweet and how I put cinnamon in almost everything!

What is the best dating advice you have? 

“Silver just can’t be gold” Sorry to quote my song, but if you are not being 100% yourself how do you expect to find YOUR person who loves you for you?!

What does 2021-2022 look like for you?

2021-2022 there will be more big festivals with full band shows and new music! I will have my first record out and hopefully, be on CMT!

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If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is tough because I like to be spontaneous with music and choose songs on the spot and switch it up all the time. I would have to say Something New, Bird, or Thirsty. All my future singles 🙂

Tell us about your new single “What Love Does”.

What Love Does is about the feeling you get when you are falling in love. I wrote this song with Scott Barrier and Donna De Sopo. This was the second song we have ever written together as a team. I enjoyed the writing processes because we started off by recording myself talking out loud and describing how I was feeling. I also remember being in the studio demoing out the song and saying “We need marimba on this song” and my producer turned around and said, “now you’re just making up instruments.”

Is there anything else you want your family at Southern Fellow to know?

I want you guys to know how much I appreciate being a part of this community and all the support you have given us indie artists to help showcase our music. It means the world and I am so happy to be in the Southern Fellow Family!

It is a delight adding Kirstie Kraus to our Southern Fellow family. Her big heart and unique voice makes her a new queen in country music. You know what time it is! Time to dust off that playlist and add Kirstie Kraus to it. You can get her music on all your favorite platforms including SpotifyApple MusicAmazon and YouTube. While you are listening give that recipe for Southern Sunday Quiche a try and enter the giveaway below. Thank you for being part of the family. We will see you next time right here at Southern Fellow!

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