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"I'm Not Crazy" The creative new single from Lockwood Barr

Lockwood Barr is an extremely talented singer and musician. I would not even call it a stretch to say that she is one of the most talented women in Nashville. That is why when I first heard about “I’m Not Crazy” I knew it was not going to be good, but great. Lockwood is not the type of woman to hold back. She writes songs giving 100% of her talent and nothing less. It would be easy to pin her as just a country singer. She is a talented banjo player, but her creativity has modernized the banjo almost into a brand new genre.

“I’m Not Crazy” has a bunch of pieces to it. It stands on the fringes of country, rock and pop. I don’t think you can listen to it one time and find all the pieces of gold that fill both the lyrics and instrumentals. Amazingly there are actually 10 banjo tracts that fill this song and goes to show it’s complexity. To be honest, every time I listen to “I Am Not Crazy” it pulls a different emotion from me. I can’t think of a single song that had such a profound effect on me. We often times look at music as somewhat two dimensional with a beginning and an end. However, it feels like Lockwood Barr has brought “I’m Not Crazy” to something with many more dimensions. The crazy part to “I’m Not Crazy” is that Lockwood and Ryan Youmans wrote it in 30 minutes.

I think it is well worth your time and your soul to experience “I’m Not Crazy”. This song is going to move you in directions you did not think you could go. It needs to be on your playlist. We made it easy for you. Down below we have links for you to easily find it on your favorite music service. Also you can also check out our full interview with Lockwood Barr there as well. Thank you for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time.


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