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“Holy Ghost Town” the new single from Kelby Costner

Stories of small towns have always been part of the fabric that makes country music. You would think by now people would be tired of them. As I am writing this I am beginning to question my sanity. With  thousands of songs written about small town livin’ I still get excited when a new one comes on the radio.

Today is the release of  the new  single “Holy Ghost Town” by country artist Kelby Costner. “Holy Ghost Town” is 100% small town nostalgia. Normally I would be less enthusiastic about a story that has been told over and over. This song however  represents me, as well as the millions of people in small towns all across this land. It represents normal people and their lives. If Songs like “Holy Ghost Town” did not exist, their stories would go unheard. 

One thing that sticks out for me is the the overall flow of the song. Its not too in your face, but their is enough meat to keep the blood pumping. Another thing that Kelby was able to do with “Holy Ghost Town” is put in quite a bit of lyrics, but still make it flow naturally. It is this proper mix of tempo and lyrics that makes this song a pleasure to listen to.

Kelby Costner has a hit! He extracted everything he could from small towns and put it a song with a great tempo. “Holy Ghost Town” is well worth a spot on your playlist. Down below are all the links you need. Thank you for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time.


Kelby Costner Holy Ghost Town

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