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“Heard it Through the Red Wine” The New Single from Charlie Marie

There are a handful of artists that I simply can’t get enough of. I can listen to any song they have for hours at a time and never get tired of it. Charlie Marie is one of those artists. Her music style and voice are timeless in the country music genre. She makes great music so consistently that I do worry that someday the shine might wear off. Listening to her new single, “Heard it Through the Red Wine,” those worries quickly fade away. Charlie Marie is going to be on my playlist for many years to come.

“I Heard it Through the Red Wine” is Charlie’s first single after her self-titled EP was released back in 2019. Typically journalists would want to see movement. Something that separates the new from the old. If you are looking for a significant change in direction from Charlie Marie’s previous music, you are going to be disappointed. As for me, I hoped she changed very little since the EP. Charlie reached her full stride right out of the gate and has kept pace ever since. She is not the first artist to do this. George Strait’s career had a similar path. His style stayed steady for decades, and no one is complaining. What’s good is good, and Charlie Marie Is undoubtedly good.

Charlie’s latest single is pure country. “I Heard it Through the Red Wine” will never be confused with any other genre of music. It’s a mix of upbeat tempo and heartbreak that tells a story that many worldwide can relate to. After all, breakups are complicated. Sad, yes, but you may also feel a bit relieved, happy, and mad all at the same time. A good country song brings you through all of those emotions and then leaves you feeling a little better about your position. Charlie Marie delivers on this better than many in country music today.

If you like country music or good music of any kind, really, “I heard it Through the Red Wine” needs to be on your playlist. All links you are ever going to need are down below. Want to learn more about Charlie Marie? Check out her full interview on our Feed the Band Series. There you can also try the sweet Tiramisu recipe she inspired.

"Heard it Through the Red Wine" Official Music Video

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