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A Guys Perspective of “Hand Me Down” the New Single from Nicole Marden

By a show of hands, how many guys like to be vulnerable? If I were a betting man, I would make a substantial bet that you did not raise your hand, and for many of you, I would be right. We are groomed at an early age not to show weakness. We must be the rock that keeps the waves from hitting those we love. But, as I get older, I realize more that’s not exactly true. Life experiences can break us if we are unwilling to share the heavy load. Knowing this, it’s still not easy. “Hand Me Down,” the new single from country music artist Nicole Marden, has shone a bright light on my insecurities and how I learned to face the past four years as Southern Fellow.

First, let’s talk about Nicole Marden’s beauty. An artist’s looks are something I usually shy away from. Yet, regardless if you are male or female, this will be the first thing you notice about Nicole. Over the past several years, surrounded by beautiful people, I’ve become numb to looks alone. Though I must say, when I first started, I felt I would never fit in. But, as I got to know artists like Nicole Marden, I became more comfortable in my skin. I learned that beauty is more than skin deep. Nicole is much more than what’s on the outside, and “Hand Me Down” gives you a glimpse of that.

While I have found comfort over the past year and a half getting to know Nicole, her latest single has shaken my masculinity. Injecting myself into “Hand Me Down” scared the crap out of me. This single may try to ease a guy into opening up and is an excellent example of how a mature relationship should be, but the thought of sharing my deep feelings with Nicole left me like a deer in headlights the first 100 times I listened to it. In my heart, I know even as a friend, she can help me slay some demons, but something primal makes the thought of her doing so uncomfortable.

Why is this important? Ladies, as a guy, this is my advice. To get a man to open up is going to take some patience and persistence. We will not do it the first time, but if you keep at it, one day, that Fortress of Solitude will crumble, and we will start sharing what weighs on us.

I wanted to share a guy’s perspective on “Hand me Down”. I think Nicole Marden’s latest single is pretty straightforward for you ladies. Regardless of where you fall in this storyline, I think there is something for everyone. I also recommend you watch the music video. It is one of my favorites that has been released this year.

"Hand Me Down" Official Music Video


“Hand Me Down” is hands down my favorite single from Nicole Marden. It leans more country than her previous release and is what I call “radio ready”. Don’t just take my word for it. All the links you need to listen to the track are below. You can also check out Nicole’s very stylish music video for the single above.

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"Hand Me Down" Nicole Marden Post Photo

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