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Megan Knight’s “Gypsy Heart” Video Premiere

"Gypsy Heart" Megan Knight


What motivates you to move, to leave your comfort zone, and face the unknown? If we answer that question honestly, we end up with a diverse set of answers. As for me, it was you. Southern Fellow pushed me well beyond my comfort zone into a space I didn’t even know was a dream of mine. As for country music artist Megan Knight, she has been driven to make music. Her latest music video and single, “Gypsy Heart”, walks us down the path of change.

I had the opportunity to interview Megan about a year ago. I gathered from that interview that Megan Knight was a focused woman with clear goals. When her publicist reached out about her upcoming video/single I had to take a few steps back. Why? Pop culture has us believing that gypsies wander around with no clear purpose. Nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to Megan Knight.

So I spent a couple of hours unpacking “Gypsy Heart”. I even Googled the definition of gypsy to help put the pieces together in my head. Understanding the culture helped me square up Megan with her latest single. Simply put, they are opportunist. Gypsies have hopes and dreams like we all do, but it’s how they go about achieving them that sets them apart. They don’t focus on one place. They stay mobile to meet opportunities as they come. To them, being rigid leads to a lack of success in life.

As I was putting this together, I reflected on the handful of conversations I had with Megan Knight. As I did, all the pieces started to fall into place once again. Megan is not wandering without purpose. She is simply staying available to meet opportunities where they are and working the process successfully. Megan is a music nomad with a goal of lifting lyrics from paper and having them connect with as many of us as possible.

I have done a plethora of reviews. However, this one has been refreshing. Megan is an easy sell for me. She is polished enough for radio, yet leaves us who want more with some deep tracks to unpack. This is one of my favorite releases of hers, and the video poeticlly drives the story into our consciousness. I highly recommend you check out the video and add “Gypsy Heart” to your favorite playlist.

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