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Erica Sunshine Lee Show Her Delicate Side with “Fragile”

Do you trust me? When you strip Southern Fellow down, I’m simply in a relationship with you the reader, and the artists I write about. I take every relationship seriously. So many of you have shared your fragile moments with me, and I with you. It’s scary to entrust all the delicate things in life to someone else. Fortunately, for me, you held up your end, and I hope I have done the same. However, not all my relationships have been treated with the same amount of respect. The new video “Fragile” by country artist Erica Sunshine Lee has made me reflect on my relationships, both past and present.

Erica Sunshine Lee is one of the hardest-working songwriters I know. If she’s not running a thousand miles an hour, she would most likely explode. Yet, she slowed down enough to produce one of my favorite tracks she has written. “Fragile” is poignant and is packed full of feelings like many country love songs of the 90s. So many songs today barely scratch the surface of all the emotions involved in developing a meaningful relationship. Yet, Erica lays them all out in a raw, poetic way.

“Fragile” made me reflect deeply on all of my relationships. It shouldn’t be, but it’s extremely hard for guys like me to talk about all the delicate threads that hold our connections together. Yet, when I started Southern Fellow and my current romantic relationship, I had to start speaking up. I faced two choices. I could start my relationships with lies or speak up about my needs and how seizures affect my life. I put my trust in you, and when I can’t keep a firm grasp, your strength keeps the fragile threads of our relationship together. That is a powerful thing and something that keeps people together regardless of what turbulence may come.

As I previously mentioned, “Fragile” is one of my favorite songs from Erica Sunshine Lee, but the music video sets a whole new bar for her. It’s one of the most visually impressive videos I have seen in a long time. It’s stip down, yet, awe-inspiring scenery pushes “Fragile” to new heights. Erica is undoubtedly a beautiful woman, yet in this video, she has competition with colorful canyon views and heavenly sunsets. You could watch her latest music video with the volume down and still be overcome by raw emotion.

"Fragile" from Erica Sunshine Lee


Erica Sunshine Lee is an exceptional songwriter and performer. I feel pretty confident in saying she has a song for everyone. “Fragile’ is going to be that song for many of you. I highly encourage to watch the music video above and add “Fragile” to your favorite playlist. All the links you need are below.

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"Fragile" Erica Sunshine Lee Post Photo

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