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Molly Lovette is in Full Bloom with Her New Music Video For “Flower Girl”

What do flowers mean to you? For me, not much. However, I have seen their impact on the women in my life, especially my mom. When I first heard the title of Molly Lovette’s latest single, I had planned to pass on writing a review. Why? My reasoning was twofold. First, I didn’t think I could relate to such a topic. Secondly, I didn’t think my ego as a man would let me. However, After listening to “Flower Girl, ’Molly’s new video made me reflect on my parent’s relationship and how they influenced my search for a partner. This review will be from a guy’s perspective, so hang in there. It’s going to be interesting.

The first thing that stuck out after watching “Flower Girl” was Molly’s line about a bouquet being “self-incrimination displayed in a vase.” I would have never looked at flowers from this particular female perspective if it had not been for this song. As a guy, it makes me think we have been saying “I’m sorry” wrong for thousands of years, and maybe we need to communicate better in our relationships on this admittingly uncomfortable topic. Using flowers as an apology also made me contemplate my parent’s marriage.

I can’t come up with one time in memory that my dad used flowers to apologize for something. That’s not to say he didn’t do anything wrong. I know my parents had many fierce arguments in the bedroom. Yet, the following morning, it always felt like everything got worked out with no bouquets involved. “Flower Girl” helped me develop reasoning for this. My dad knew my mom absolutely loved flowers. Using them for anything other than a display of love would bring my mother more pain than a simple “I’m sorry.” Guys, it all circles back to that whole communication thing I spoke of earlier.

“Flower Girl” is about someone becoming aware of what a healthy relationship should be and feeling they found the one where they don’t have to settle. From my experience, if you’re confident, women think you know what you want in a partner and try to meet the expectations they see in front of them. As a guy, often, our ego has us drawing the same conclusion. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are also trying to figure things out as the relationship progresses.

To start, both sexes need to learn to differentiate between confidence and arrogance. Arrogance will leave a relationship dead on arrival. Confidence, however, leaves room for growth as an individual and opens up the opportunity for a better relationship.

My parents are a case in point. My father was an avid surfer and genuine cowboy when he married my mom. He was confident about his place in the world. While working cows, three months after he married my mom, his horse rolled over on him. He found himself paralyzed from the neck down. He could have responded to his new situation with arrogance and bitterness. However, his confidence in my mother and his ability to continue making their relationship work regardless of the hardships they would have to overcome over the next thirty years that led to a marriage we could all hope for.

I can’t say “Flower Girl” from Molly Lovette will have me dancing in a field of daisies, but it did make me think hard about relationships and marriage. Molly’s latest single is more than a young girl singing about love. It’s deep, reflective, and honestly a wonderful surprise. I’ve been part of Molly’s journey going on four years. I have been patiently waiting for the “ah ha” moment. I think today is that day. It looks like Molly’s career is in full bloom, and the world should take notice.

"Flower Girl" Official Music Video


Guy or gal, I think “Flower Girl” needs to be on your playlist. All the links you need are below. If you want to learn more about Molly Lovette, you can check out her full interview on Feed the Band and try the recipe for Summer Grilled Pasta Salad she inspired

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"Flower Girl" Molly Lovette

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