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“Family” the homey new single from Ashley Taylor

Family has always been a concept that I struggled to wrap my head around. My family is huge and close. At the same time being adopted I often pondered on the the idea that I might not actually be family with the people I call family. That theory was tested often and with every test it proved I was right where I needed to be. Family has little to do with blood and more to do with unconditional love. Fast forward to today and I tested this theory once again with Southern Fellow.

I was out walking my dog when I had my first conversation with Ashley Taylor. We were set to talk about her coming interview with us. That conversation went from that to family in about 30 seconds. 3o minutes later my dog was out breath and my family grew by one. Ashley, almost like magic became my second sister. At the time I wanted a second sister like I wanted another hole in my head, but Ashley Taylor has become a welcomed addition. Even when she twisted my arm to make a big deal about her latest single. I would have told her that it was not needed, but what would be the fun in that?

“Family” is just a damn good song that makes you feel good inside. I think the world needs a bit more of that. Ashley injects some true honesty. Combine that with it’s great melody and it gives you all the “feels” as my female friends would say. If you love “Family” you enjoy all of Ashley’s music. Family is a common theme with her and it’s what she is about in life. 

Given it’s the week of Thanksgiving, I think this song should be on your playlist. As you gather with your family, reflect on what brings you together and less on the small stuff. Also please check out “Family” the new single from Ashley Taylor. All the links you need are down below. 

Thank you for being part of the Southern Fellow. Enjoy your family this week and come back soon. We have a ton of new music are recipes on the way!

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Behind the Scenes of "Family"

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  1. liesbeth van ewijk

    You aks to tell about my family, my family is loud, big but still small, there is always someone there when you need them to most even tho I live an hour drive away or more from most of them. I love them even iff they dont know it. Love your song, its like home?????

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