Dear Friend

A heartfelt letter to a friend about love and life.

Patrick L.

Dear Friend,

Love is always a complicated subject. Especially when it is broken and you are the one left picking up the pieces. I have been where you are. Rebuilding seems daunting and impossible. You can not help but reflect on what it felt to feel whole.  Then reality kicks in and that witch was whole is shattered. The pieces left look insignificant like if the most beautiful piece of crystal hit the ground and returned back to sand. The task to rebuild looks impossible, but I am here to tell you that it’s necessary.

Reconstruction is not easy. Those pieces will have to be placed back in the fire. There they will be stretched to their limit and it may take a few times to get it right.  There will always be pieces lost in the process, but what is left will be all that you need. You have been through the fire before and I know you can do it again.

Blown Glass

Just like the best crystal, all good things take time. Take all the time you need for your heart to heal. In the end it will be stronger. Those pieces you thought you could never put back together, will shape the vessel that love once filled.

I will be patiently waiting. It takes more than one person’s love to fill a heart as big as yours. On your road to recovery if you start to feel empty and alone I will be there to reflect the same love you have shared with me. Your heart is complicated that is true, but it reflects some of the most amazing colors I have ever seen. You are one of the best of friends and I love you.



                           Southern Fellow