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City Girl Bree Jaxson Rocks Country Music with Her Latest Single “Country Heart City Roots”

When I started Southern Fellow, I felt I had a pretty good grasp on where good country artists should come from. Growing up in a small town in the south, country, music has consistently produced the soundtrack to my life. A couple of years ago, I would have laughed out loud if you told me that you could find good country music in New York or Baltimore. Today, city girl Bree Jaxson is shaking up the genre with her new single “Country Heart City Roots.” Bree, as well as other big-city artists, are bringing country music back to its roots.

First off, I want to say this: what people call “new country” is really pop with a bit of twang thrown in. The country music industry seems hell-bent on stripping the genre of its identity to get a handful of people who never liked the genre to listen to it. I know I’m talking about a bunch of doom and gloom, but there are some heroes in this story. Bree Jaxson is one of them, and her latest single, “Country Heart City Roots,” proves the country has a place under the city lights downtown.

Growing up, I thought the country was a place and not a mindset. Over the past couple of years, my opinion on the matter has changed. Our backgrounds may seem worlds apart, but after listening to “Country Heart City Roots,” Bree Jaxson feels like the girl next door. The type that raises hell on Saturday and then sings with the angels Sunday morning. Her latest single is proof that she is ready to pound the pavement, clay, or sand to every dot on the map to celebrate country hearts everywhere.

"Country Heart City Roots" Official Video


You are going to have a-rockin’ good time listening to “Country Heart City Roots,” and I highly recommend you add it to your favorite playlist. The links are below. I would also follow Bree Jaxson, and if she is playing in your town run, don’t walk to get tickets. She is well on her way to resurrecting country music’s golden age.

Thank you for dropping by the Luncheonette. We have our Feed the Band interview with Laine Lonero, featuring a spinach and artichoke dip she inspired. Stay tuned for more music and recipes right here at Southern Fellow.


"Country Heart City Roots" Bree Jaxson

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