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“Cool With That” The Cool New Single From Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor has a fierce set of eyes similar to what we have come to expect from supermodels. Behind those sharp eyes though, is someone relatable. Why is that important? That is what is at the core of country music. Alexis Taylor latest single is a great example of that.

“Cool With That” is a good song in that it’s simple and relatable. There is some banjo and has a solid tempo that’s easy to tap your feet to. Topping it all off is Alexis Taylor. She is entertaining and her voice is a great fit for this song. “Cool With That” is a great summer jam and fitting for the current pandemic we find ourselves in. Just as long as your better half has lowered there expectations a bit. (lol)

Cool With That” would be an amazing addition to your playlist. If you wanted to play it all summer long, I’m sure Alexis would be cool with that. We have all the handy links you need to get your digital hands on “Cool With That” down below. While you are there check out our Feed the Band series. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette! We have more music and recipes coming soon!

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