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You Are Going to Want to Snuggle Up with “Alone This Christmas” the Cozy New Single from Sabrina Lentini

Christmas will soon be here! I know we all have been hearing the same twenty holiday tunes at the house, mall, car, and everywhere else. Around this time of the season, I start hunting for new songs. I honestly get let down most years, but not this year. For years, country artist Sabrina Lentini has been one of my favorites with her light-hearted and fun traditional music. That said, she is also becoming one of my favorite Christmas artists. The proof is in the holiday pudding. Sabrina has baked up a delightful song this year with “Alone This Christmas”. I want to share a few reasons why it deserves a spot on your holiday playlist.

“Alone This Christmas” is a song with all the holiday feels of your favorite Hallmark movie. If you are looking for a single that will rattle the very foundation of Christmas, this is not the tune for you. However, If you want to feel good, you will want to snuggle up with Sabrina Lentini’s latest single. “Alone This Christmas” has romance, bells, and guitar strums that pull you into a snow-covered story. Sabrina Lentini’s voice is the icing on this well-baked cake. You have probably been on Santa’s naughty list for a long time if you can’t find yourself falling in love with her vocals. But, before you worry too much about a sugar rush, there are some serious notes I think will create some balance.

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but this candy-coated Christmas song is relevant for this holiday season especially. Every time we think Covid is behind us, it comes crawling back. This time right before we all wanted to be with friends and family. Some of you now might be planning to hold off on those large gatherings. Christmas may be a lot smaller. I think “Alone This Christmas” may be the song you need this year. Maybe two people are all that’s necessary to celebrate the holidays.

"Alone This Christmas" Sabrina Lentini


Sabrina Lentini is an artist that has a way of simply making you feel good. In today’s world, we need some more positive emotions. “Alone This Christmas” does just that. I highly recommend you add it to your favorite holiday playlist. All the links you need are below. If you want to listen to it all year long, you will not get judged by me. Also, If you want to learn more about Sabrina Lentini, you can check out her full interview on Feed the Band. There, you can also find a recipe that’s just as sweet as Sabrina. She inspired a Southern Pear/Apple Butter recipe that you will love!

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Southern Pear Butter (Apple Too)

We were inspired to do the recipe for Sabrina Lentini by some lyrics from her latest song and the fact that she likes jam with biscuits. This is the pefect condiment for toast, bicuits and even pork. It does take time and a litte effort, but boy is it worth it!

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